Our story

In 2010, Javier Cristiani, Alejandro Cristiani and Hector Quinteros founded Markamoderna. Since that day our goal has been to combine the creativity of the designers with the ingenuity of Salvadoran fabricators and artisans to provide a collection of simple, practical and original pieces we believe will lift your spirits.

Our design process begins in the studio and ends at the shop in artisans’ hands, intertwining modernist principles with local techniques. The results are original pieces that represent Salvadoran design at its best and are meant to stay with you for a long time. Our products embody Markamoderna’s commitment to well-designed and socially conscious manufactured pieces.

A Salvadoran Design company

All of Markamoderna’s products are designed and built in El Salvador with the vision that things are better when made with collaboration in mind. During our run as a design company we have developed a unique aesthetic style that is best described as Salvadoran Contemporary Design: 
Products infused with tropical flair, exciting form and, above all, functionality.